Top 2 Ways to Make Money from Roulette

When it comes to learning how to properly play roulette and to create a strategy that will help you to walk away from the table with more money that you sat with can be a daunting task but is doable. There are various strategies that one may create for them but unless they are making profit it may not really be doing them any good. Another fact that will come into play is learning how to create a strategy and stick with it is imperative to winning long term. When you play online roulette make sure to always choose the best online casino before wagering any real money of your own. And the best free spin online casinos list is at

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the type of bets that you want to play frequently. Before ever choosing the inside numbers which obviously pay the most money you should start with the outside bets and work your way inward. The outside bets consist of choosing whether or not the spin will equal a red or black number, odd or even number, high or low or column or dozens. Each of these offer a lower payout than the inside bets but also give you a better chance of winning which is why you should always play at least 1 outside bet. Keeping track of your bets including the colors and numbers will help you to watch and create a pattern that will help you to predict what the next outcome will be.

The second and really the most crucial aspect of winning long term at roulette are to always play the same numbers. While many people randomly choose most roulette winners often play the same numbers. If you have a gut feeling about an additional number while playing roulette it’s okay to add a chip to it as well but by playing the same numbers frequently the odds of you winning on those numbers increase and it helps to create a working system for you. You also don’t want to over bet to the point that you actually would lose money even if you hit a correct number. For example if you are playing $1 chips and you choose to play 10 numbers and putting 3 chips on each since hitting a correct number pays 1 – 35 your profit would only be $5 total. The best thing to do is to pick as few numbers as possible and make a realistic bet with 1-2 chips max per number. If you choose to pay less than 5 numbers then it would be okay to place at least 3 chips on them because then if you win the odds are more in your favor and the profit is higher.

If you stick with these two tips and obviously take advantage of any online casino bonuses that are offered will help to build your bankroll and to put more profit in your pocket. In addition to the tips listed thus far you should always use the free play or no deposit bonus that is offered by online casinos to help you get a feel of the roulette games that they offer and determine if this is the right online casino for you. Once you have made the decision to make a real money deposit use the first time match deposit bonus that casinos offer to help put even more money in your pocket. Most of the online casinos offer a match signup bonus which they will pay on your first real money deposit up to a specific amount. This means if you deposit of $200 and they offer a 100% match bonus they will pay you an additional $200 but make sure to always read the restrictions that apply to ensure that you do whatever is required to claim and collect your bonus which will help to cover the roulette bets.