A Brief Playtech Casino Bonuses Guide

playtech logoSince its establishment back in 2000, Playtech has been striving to gain as much share as possible in the online casino gaming industry. Playtech has spread its operations across the globe and gamblers from all over the world utilize its software for online casino experience. At present it is one of the leading casino games services provider and its software run across casinos all over the world.

Pertinent to online casinos, there are lots of companies that provide casino software, therefore, there is competition and in order to beat the competition different companies use different tactics. Playtech also uses the bonus strategy to attract customers, the lines below give a brief guide to Playtech casino bonuses.

No Geographical Limitation

The first thing to remember is that with Playtech there is no such geographical limitation pertaining to availing of bonuses. If you are in the region where Playtech has its services, then you are eligible for the bonuses without any limitations.

Deposit Bonuses

When you sign-up with Playtech and pay a deposit fee, you receive a bonus in return to it. The value and amount of bonuses may vary from game to game, however, you will get a bonus. The bonus is usually twice the amount you give in the deposit. This deposit or wager amount is set by Playtech for every respective game and you have to pay that in order to receive a particular often multiple value bonus which you can then use to play the game.

No-deposit Bonus

The other kind of bonus that Playtech may offer is the no-deposit bonus. This is an amount of money but is quite smaller compared to the deposit bonus and everyone who signs up without any deposit sum gets this small amount to play with.

Free Play Bonus

The third kind of bonus that you may get the free play bonus. This is the bonus for those who don’t want to do any kind of deposit and still want to play the game. In this kind of deposit a certain money is given to the player for a certain time and when that time finishes whatever the player wins other than what he has borrowed is his to play with.